New release and Group Gift

Hello New Release from Honey*Soul

new Fitted Mesh onepiece “Lauren”

you can change bow belt texture Via Texture Changer HUD

Lauren is Fitted Mesh (within standard size classic avatar XXS to L)

Please Try Demo Before purchase

now Lauren is discounted to 50 % OFF Price

**Honey*Soul Lauren(Fitted Mesh)50%OFF


new Group Gift is in Store now

**Honey*Soul-Lauren Group Gift
Wear and Active “Honey*Soul “group tag

new Group Gift is classic black check pattern Lauren Onepiece(Bow Belt with single color)


Taxi to Honey*Soul


Flower Power2016



I’m Participated to WeDo SL Events Flower Power 2016

Honey*Soul released “Katarina” Slim Pants(Reggins) 8 pattern for standard classic avatar

now Discounted price during this event (50% OFF)

 **Honey*Soul Katarina@Flower Power

Date: February 12 to February 26, 2016


Official Site

Url And Shop name :

my Booth

The Gacha Garden

hello All I’m participated to The Gacha Garden @ Feb Round
My prize is Armwamer and Snood(sold separately) 50L$ Per Play

HoneySoul-Gacha Fuwa Girl

Rare Item are contains snood and armwamer and onepiece dress

Another rare item( Seed Of Inspiration) you can get 20 times round payment
( Never Sold after this event)

HoneySoul-Gacha-Fuwa Girl-SOI-AD

Happy Shopping <333

Event Website: The Gacha Garden

How to Play:

The Gacha Garden :